Frequently Asked Questions

Our throw blankets are 50 inches wide by 65 inches long.

Yes. Machine wash on delicate cycle, cold water. Tumble dry at gentle cycle and low temperature.

Worthy Expressions’ blankets are made of man-made fabrics, Flannel in the front and Sherpa Fleece lining. Flannel is 280 GSM -Grams per Square Meter- and Sherpa 210 GSM. These features make the throw blankets feel ultra-soft and warm.

Worthy Expressions blankets’ colors don’t bleed or get transferred to furniture or clothes, not even during wash.

Even though these blankets’ materials are fluffy and furry, they don’t shed fibers.

Once you confirm an order request, we’ll send an email to your provided email address through which you can track your order.

Depending on the shipping company, it usually takes around 1-2 days before your order is shipped.

When you purchase a product from Worthy Expressions, know that you’ve made the right choice. That’s because we only use the highest quality material, i.e., 100% microfiber polyester and double-layered fabric: Flannel and Sherpa fleece. It’s one of the reasons we run out of stock so quickly after printing.

Based on the bible verse blanket, we have different colors for you to choose from. For 2 Corinthians 9:15, our scripture throws come in three colors: red, gray, and blue. Our Psalm 61:2 blanket is available in three colors, too, including ivory, gray, and teal. We’ve also added a new variation for Isaiah 41:10 in blue, previously available in gray and ivory. We plan to introduce several more colors in our collection, so you’ll only have to wait a short while before we have them on display.

We plan to introduce a lightweight version of our scripture blankets in different colors along with new designs. After that, we’re looking forward to expanding our bedding and décor business to include new products for women and men.

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