Inspirational Throw Blanket

Prayer Blanket – GIVEAWAY

Thank you for your interest in our new Prayer Blanket and supporting our small business!

This product will retail for $54.95 but today you can get it based on the following options:

1. Receive a coupon code for 90% off the price of the Prayer Blanket. You will pay about $5.50 for the product plus tax and shipping based on your location. If you are an Amazon prime member, shipping is FREE!

2. Purchase the Prayer Blanket for the FULL AMOUNT ($54.95) and get a 100% REIMBURSEMENT of the PRODUCT PRICE (excluding taxes, and shipping if not an Amazon prime member) via PayPal or Venmo once your order has been completed and verified (usually within 24 hours).

LIMITED AMOUNT OF FULL REIMBURSEMENT AVAILABLE. *We will be giving away a limited number of Prayer Blankets and will choose winners in the order that requests are received. If you are selected to receive a free giveaway, please allow 1-2 weeks to contact you with instructions on how to get your Prayer Blanket as it takes some time for the product to go live on Amazon.

Please type in your information below to apply to be one of the first to support this launch and get this item for FREE (or close to it)!

We will reach out to you via email, text, or FB Messenger when the product is ready to ship! Thank you!


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